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May 3 2019 The Colombian Federation of Coffee Growers offers all coffee growers the purchase guarantee, through the publication of a market base price that is calculated according to the closing price on the New York Stock Exchange of the day, the exchange rate of the day and the differential or reference premium for Colombian

Daily Measurements for Coffee

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What is published in this report is the entire responsibility of its authors and corresponds to information taken from news agencies, therefore  does not understand the opinion of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, nor of the General Management. No opinion or information expressed in  this report constitutes a recommendation for the

Coffee Conjuncture Inform

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During the first quarter of 2019 the international price of coffee in the futures market continued showing a volatile and descending behavior. The price of soft coffee in the New bag  York at the end of the quarter was 5.0% lower than the initial price of the period (US ¢ 99.50 / lb vs.

Precio total por carga de 125 Kg de pergamino seco 17/01/2020 870.000 COP
Cierre de Bolsa ICE (Nueva York) 17/01/2020 -> MARZO US¢/lb $112.15
Cierre de Bolsa ICE (Nueva York) 17/01/2020 -> MAYO US¢/lb $114.45
Cierre de Bolsa ICE (Nueva York) 17/01/2020 -> JULIO US¢/lb 116.75